Well it would seem that I forgot to publish my last post, so it was sat in my drafts! Ooops.

Last week was my birthday, my fabulous Mantype has been here since last Monday and it’s been fantastic ^_^ Best. Birthday. Evar. I spent it with some of my closest nerdy friends and my Mantype, with take out, cake, cider and tabletop roleplay. It was just great!

In other news, I’ve been busy working away on my socks, and on a blanket for my godson who’s due in March. I’m knitting both socks at once, on two sets of DPNs. The first sock is ready for the toe section now, and the second is about half way along the foot. So not much more work to be done! And then I’ll have some more socks to cast on for myself. I’ve become rather addicted to hand-knit socks, that’s for sure.


Now that I’ve actually got the yarn knit up, I’m not such a huge fan of the colours. But I’m going to finish them anyway. They remind me of Monet paintings.


And this is the start of my blanket for my godson. I can’t wait to meet him ^_^ I’m just using this one 100g ball of some acrylic DK that I picked up in our local market and going round and round till it runs out, then edging in some white I have in my stash. I hope he loves it and is all snuggled up in it constantly!

But, I must dash. The guys are due over in half an hour for for nerdy tabletop!


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