Wordless Update



That’s that done with then!

The first month of the year has been and gone. Did anyone manage to not break their resolutions so far? Mine this year were to loose weight, to keep this blog up to date, and to sort my house out because it has become a right tip!
I have lost half a stone in just under a month, I’ve managed to keep up posting for a month (except the post before my birthday, which sat in my drafts because I’m a numpty, doh!) and…. Yeah, the house is a tip still…. Rome wasn’t built in a day though! It didn’t get messy and cluttered in one month and it’ll take more than one to train myself into a cleaning routine and to sort out The Mountains Of Crap.

I have managed to procrastinate today though! The Child has gone to her Nana’s for the evening (after waking Mummy up 6 times in the night. Therefore Mummy is planning on doing NOTHING today!). Instead of doing the housework, which I should be doing, oops. I have updated my Ravelry stash page a little bit. Some yarns were missing photos (some still are, ack) and some hadn’t been added at all! Weighed some of my left overs and things that needed amounts adding also. Feels a little better now! Also done a little bit more on my sock.
Would you like to see some photos? Here you go then 🙂