Happy Easter!

Well, the last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind! I was going to update last night, while The Child was at Nana’s house, but Sky decided to break some stuff on Friday afternoon and I was without internet or phoneline until 9am this morning (About 40 hours without internet *shudders* Please don’t make me go through that again, Sky!!!!)

The Child is off school for Easter, so things have been madness anyway with that alone. Add to that, Easter eggs and chocolate (Combined with a ASD/ADD child, not good).
Then my baby Godson arrived! He arrived via the sunroof and both him and mummy were a bit poorly. Glad to say they’re both home now safe and sound (He’s of course, enjoying the blanket that his Crumpled Auntie made him 😉 ).
I also had a wedding to go to! One of my friends, got married on Friday evening. And as I said to her, the plus side of a child with ADD is that she’s like a Duracell bunny and just keeps going and going. It was midnight when we crawled into bed. Dirty stop outs, the pair of us!
It was, however, rather adorable to wake at 9am (Rather than any time from 4am onwards!!) to find this sleeping next to me…


I did managed to finish another bit of spinning between my last blog post and the start of the school holidays!


It’s pale pink and cream, plied with magenta merino. It’s just scrummy. The Child grabbed it the second I showed her it and demanded a scarf from it. There is only about 40m, so will have to have a look about for some ideas.

I’ve also gotten a little bit further with my socks, and you can see how they’re going to pool.


(Ignore the slightly washed out colours, as the photo was taken with my camera phone. And also Time Team on the TV… Can you tell we had a lazy day yesterday?)
I did give in with the ‘two at once on magic loop’ thing and put them on to a set of DPNs each. I feel like I knit much faster on the DPNs than I do magic looping. So I think I’ll start them off toe up on magic loop, and then transfer back to DPNs to work the length.

So I think that’s everything up to date! I’ve spent my child-free day having a lovely lie in (Until 9:30am!!! NINE THIRTY!!) and then got some dishes done, some clothes washed and out on the line (nothing smells better than line-dried clothes!), done some batch cooking of chilli con carne and chicken curry, and now I’m off to do a bit of work knitting, while eating Munchies, drinking coffee (That is still warm!!) and watching Powerpuff Girls on Netflix while I wait for my little ball of energy and destruction to return home!

Oh, and why not check out my friends blog, she’s hosting a little giveaway over there 😀


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