Back to school, hurrah!

Well the Child was back to school yesterday. I love my little monster, I really really do. But it’s SO NICE to have some peace and to be able to work and craft IN THE DAYLIGHT! The Mantype was up for the weekend, and we actually got to go to knitting group (He kept The Child occupied while I knit, woot!) which kinda made up for missing out on two days of spinning which normally happens on Wednesdays when she’s in school.

I’m feeling very productive today. I’ve done two loads of washing, done the dishes (Minus some pots which are soaking), and put tea in the slow cooker. Not sure that The Child will actually eat any of it mind. Beef and Broccoli chinese style, from thisΒ lovely blog which I found via Pintrest. I made it last time the Mantype was up and it was delish, so we’ll see if she’ll touch it!

Oh, remember I mentioned my wee Godson arrived? I got to meet him πŸ˜€

My ovaries ache just looking at the photo. He is just gorgeous ❀ ❀ Once he’s into cloth nappies, I’m doing him some longies πŸ˜€ Hopefully they can be Shorties if the weather hurries up and gets nicer!

Craft wise, I haven’t done much really! Working on some customers items, knit a little bit more of my socks. I did start a scrappy Hexagon blanket, from the lovely Lucy Attic24. It was going to be a sloooooow, in between other projects when I wanted something different to do for half an hour, type thing. But the Hex’s are actually really addictive and I have to force myself to stop doing them and get on with some work *Blushface*


I did start it by doing all of the Hex’s surrounded by black. But after I made three, I wasn’t happy with it and was worried about the actualy hex shape being lost in alll the black. So I ripped it out and did colours, and I must prefer it! In stead of just liking it, I now love it πŸ˜€ It’s made with all of my scraps of DK acrylic, and the little free balls I get on my Let’s Knit magazine πŸ˜€

Right, time I enjoy a coffee and a white choc Kitkat and get on with some work!


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