Poorly days

Well, The Child got up this morning, looking utterly drained and refusing breakfast, the poor love. Anyone who knows me (Or reads this blog!) will know that this is not normal behaviour for my whirlwind of terror! So I was a naughty mummy and let her stay off school. We’ve had a lazy day, her playing Moshi Monsters and me catching up slowly with some sock knitting (I say slowly because I have three holes in my finger from my knitting needles ¬_¬ )

Remember the beef and broccoli I mentioned in the last blog post? Well The Child only went and ate TWO WHOLE PORTIONS!!! I know!! I didn’t think she’d touch any of it!
So tonight we’re trying Cauliflower pizzas, from this blog here which I found via Pintrest. Gotta love Pintrest! The bases are in the oven at the moment and they smell rather nice! Let’s see if the pass The Child Test!!!

Also, I only went and won the give away I shared at the end of my blog post!!!!!! This lovely bunch of stuff turned up a couple of days ago from the lovely Natasha over at Woodland Faeries


The Child played with the Tic-Tac-Toe board for at least an hour, and demanded she has the pink ribbon on some socks. Not sure what I’ll make with the yarn! 300g of hand dyed DK wool. Yum!

Speaking of socks, I gave in and bought some yarn for The Child. Apparently, even my Knitting Goddess yarn (which feels lovely and soft to me!) is itchy. I’ve been searching for something that would be strong enough to make socks from, but soft enough to pass the Itch Test.
I ended up getting some Drops Baby Alpaca Silk from my LYS. It’s 70% Alpaca and 30% Silk in a Fingering/Sock weight. The Silk content SHOULD make it wearable as socks. If this is so, I’ll be stocking up on a few extra colours because it’s like angel’s breath! It’s so soft!!

Oh and before I go a quick progress shot of my Opal “Say it with flowers” socks, with waste yarn for afterthought heels. Almost to the ribbing now. Woohoo!


Right, must dash before I burn tea!

Ta’ta for now!


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