Where is time going?!

I’m not sure where the last month has gone! Seems to have flown by! Not much to update on us really, we’re still plodding along as we always do 😀

How about a few photos instead?

Some socks I’m currently working on for a customer, in Knitglobal ‘Paradise’.

A finished, in stock XL soaker available here in my shop!

My “Say it with flowers” Opal socks 😀

An XXL soaker for a customer.

A 27 year old crochet blanket, which I fixed for my friend. Rather honoured to be a part of the history of a blanket almost as old as me (only a few months younger 😉 )

Our Crumpled Cat, Stilton, being his usual derpy self.

My scrappy sock blanket! Which has been given it’s own page, here. I just love knitting these teeny simple squares, there’s almost no thought involved and they work up quickly. I’d probably make them a lot quicker if I wasn’t drooling over Charlie Epps Erm, I mean watching Numb3rs while knitting them….

Oh, there was a little bit of ‘excitement’ since my last post. My Yahoo account was hacked, sending junk to EVERYONE I’ve EVER sent mail to. Yeah, I was really looking forward to emailing my ex spam mail. So, that joy has resulted in me spending about 3 hours this morning changing all my things over to a new provider. Oh how brilliant! ¬_¬

Right, lunch time! 🙂


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