Woolfest 2013

Friday and Saturday was Woolfest 2013 up here in Cumbria. If you don’t know what Woolfest is, check out their website. It’s a yearly thing that happens over two days. It’s a knitter/spinner/weaver/crocheter/dyer/fibre-loving nerd’s paradise!

Oh. My. Woolly. WORD! Just amazing.I went this year with my friends Michaela from Ripples, Stripes and Squares and Julie from Wench’s Crafty Corner.
I managed to save up some cash so I actually had spending money too!! I took quite a lot of photos, so popped them into a Flickr account. But I’ll share my little haul here too 🙂


YARN! 😀 Some bargain bin lace and some gorgeously soft sock yarn

ImageA weaving kit for The Child, a ‘yarn bra’ *chuckle* and two spindles! I’ve been eyeing up supported spindles for ages and these are bargainous!  ❤

And of course, I bought fluff!


Milk protein! I will be spinning milk! Hehe.


Little 50g bundles of merino from Wingham Wools (Two have silk in them)


100g of Merino and silk from Wingham.


Glittery fluff from P&M woolcraft! It’s so gorgeous.


And a moustache spindle bag from Hilltop Katie! I’ve been coveting one of these since I found them on her etsy page (I got my first drop spindle from her last year at Woolfest 2012!)

I also got to try a blending board! Much prefer that to a carder actually! Love love love.

The rest of the photos of my trip can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/98207981@N05/sets/72157634408643123/



Things what I has done in the last 3 weeks

(Sorry, this is a bit picture heavy!!)

Since my last update I have…

…bought yarn…

…knit yarn…

…crocheted yarn…

…eaten doughnuts…

…made bento lunches…Image

…made hair bows… (Available here)Image

…and got a second cat!

Isn’t she just precious? She’s called Pepper and her and Stilton really get on well! She’s about a year old, to his 4/5 years, so she’s really active and kitten like and it’s made how lazy Stilton is a lot more obvious!! Hehehe.

I also got a total bargain today in a charity shop at the end of my street. a single bed cover and a cone of yarn for £2! Yarn is soaking as it smells a bit like old persons house *blushface* but will be held double to make another magic ball blanket with random odds and ends of acrylic, and the fabric, after it’s washed, will be mashed together with the waist of an old pair of jeans to be a skirt! 😀 (And probably little matching skirts for The Child and her waldorf doll, Jenna! I’m planning an extensive wardrobe for her for Christmas, not sure how much of it will actually get made though!! )Image

Less than 5 minutes after I soaked the yarn in a huge jug (normally reserved for Pimms, omnomnom.), a few online knitters told me I shouldn’t soak it on the cone as the middle will take forever to dry….. Le sigh. Why did I not think of that?!  So looks like I’ll have lots of little skeins of this yarn floating about my house to finish drying! At least it won’t smell of old person house any more though!

Toodle pip! 😀