Woolfest 2013

Friday and Saturday was Woolfest 2013 up here in Cumbria. If you don’t know what Woolfest is, check out their website. It’s a yearly thing that happens over two days. It’s a knitter/spinner/weaver/crocheter/dyer/fibre-loving nerd’s paradise!

Oh. My. Woolly. WORD! Just amazing.I went this year with my friends Michaela from Ripples, Stripes and Squares and Julie from Wench’s Crafty Corner.
I managed to save up some cash so I actually had spending money too!! I took quite a lot of photos, so popped them into a Flickr account. But I’ll share my little haul here too 🙂


YARN! 😀 Some bargain bin lace and some gorgeously soft sock yarn

ImageA weaving kit for The Child, a ‘yarn bra’ *chuckle* and two spindles! I’ve been eyeing up supported spindles for ages and these are bargainous!  ❤

And of course, I bought fluff!


Milk protein! I will be spinning milk! Hehe.


Little 50g bundles of merino from Wingham Wools (Two have silk in them)


100g of Merino and silk from Wingham.


Glittery fluff from P&M woolcraft! It’s so gorgeous.


And a moustache spindle bag from Hilltop Katie! I’ve been coveting one of these since I found them on her etsy page (I got my first drop spindle from her last year at Woolfest 2012!)

I also got to try a blending board! Much prefer that to a carder actually! Love love love.

The rest of the photos of my trip can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/98207981@N05/sets/72157634408643123/



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