Big changes…

My last post feels a life time ago. I Have been neglecting this poor blog! Since my last post, we’ve had to make some big decisions.

Last Sunday night, my little one had a bit of a poorly stomach. School rules state they have to be off for 48 hours, so she was off until Tuesday. The heat up here is horrid/glorious at the moment and trying to sleep is a nightmare, so the little one hasn’t been sleeping as well as usual (‘Usual’ being sleeping after 8-11pm and waking any time from 4am onwards…. so yeah, sleeping worse is fun! *sarcasm*), Wednesday morning she woke with a really bad sounding cough and I didn’t feel too chirpy myself, so she stayed off Wednesday. Wednesday night she didn’t sleep until 3am (apart from a ‘nap’ 8-10pm) and then woke up at 8am (I lie in my our standards but still only about 5 hours sleep) so I let her stay off Thursday and then Friday she still had the horrid cough and hadn’t caught up on sleep.

Over the weekend/week of having her at home, I realised something. Without school stressing her out, she was actually a joy to be around. I’m not saying I HATE spending time with my daughter, not at all! But with her issues, she’s hard work. VERY hard work. And I do it all on my own.
With the issues we’re having with school, I had started thinking about Home Schooling already. But I wasn’t sure I could manage. But having her at home for 10 days has been like I have a different child! I’ve been looking at lots of home schooling sites and pintrest for ideas to do over the summer holidays when we’ll give home educating, or HE, a trial period. If things go ok over the summer, then I think we might take the plunge and go for it!

On Friday, I printed out some worksheets. 4 dinosaur related ones covering maths and writing skills. She finished them within half an hour of waking!!! I printed another 4 dinosaur ones. Those were finished before I knew it. She asked for some “insect sheets” so I printed out 17 pages of insect related science sheets. She did all but one of those, almost totally on her own. 😮
Then we made a teepee in the backgarden!

(Photos coming soon, WordPress is being a bit funny! :-/ )

So, yeah! Not entirely sure how I’m going to juggle being a mum, teacher, business owner, cleaner, cook and still find time for myself! But if it means The Child is more relaxed, then it’ll be worth it 😀
(When I’m back here moaning in a few months, please remind me of the above sentence! LOL)

I have some photos of some spinning to upload too, but WP really doesn’t like me trying to upload at the moment! Will try again later 😉


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