Christmas tree oh Christmas tree!

It’s finally that time of year! The mornings and evenings are darker (I’m apparently the only one who likes this!), the weather is colder, schools everywhere are doing their nativity plays and Xmas trees are being erected and decorated with lights and baubles.
I had put off putting up our tree for as long as possible, partially because our newest kitty family member will probably knock it down every night while we sleep, but mainly because I could not be arsed.
I know. I’m a terrible mummy.
But last night we went to an event at church and made decorations and had Christmas dinner, had a tiny service for the children and then got to meet Santa! So I figured I couldn’t put it off any longer and dragged our tiny wee tree from the cupboard this morning.
It’s a little scraggly thing, given to me by a friend a few years ago when we had nothing. It holds a lot of sentimental value to me, this little tree ❤

The presents for The Child are wrapped, I'm finishing The Man's blanket and my bestie has given me some unwanted vouchers to go shopping for my mummy tomorrow 🙂 Almost sorted!
Is everyone else ready for Christmas (if you celebrate it, this is)?

Church is holding a nativity service on Xmas Eve too, so I think we'll be going to that as The Man is here a few days before Xmas 🙂 I'm actually starting to feel slightly Xmasy 😉