About Me

My name is Stacey, single (crumpled) mummy to my 5 year old daughter, normally referred to as The Child, who is currently being assessed for Asperger’s Syndrome. We live in the North of England, where the skies are grey and wet 90% of the time! I work from home knitting baby clothing and cloth nappy covers and making hair accessories. You can see my work on my Facebook page.

Knitting, crochet, sewing, writing, drawing and painting (Although I haven’t much time for the last three so much now) are my crafty hobbies of choice. I have a love for ‘fursonas’ and cartoon/anime-like drawings.
I am quite the nerd, enjoying miniature war games, Live Action Role Play and tabletop role play games. I also play World of Warcraft and have a obsessions with Firefly, Harry Potter, Star Trek, My Little Pony: FIM and Xmen.


An oldish one, but here a photo of The Child and I


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