Where is time going?!

I’m not sure where the last month has gone! Seems to have flown by! Not much to update on us really, we’re still plodding along as we always do ūüėÄ

How about a few photos instead?

Some socks I’m currently working on for a customer, in Knitglobal ‘Paradise’.

A finished, in stock XL soaker available here in my shop!

My “Say it with flowers” Opal socks ūüėÄ

An XXL soaker for a customer.

A 27 year old crochet blanket, which I fixed for my friend. Rather honoured to be a part of the history of a blanket almost as old as me (only a few months younger ūüėČ )

Our Crumpled Cat, Stilton, being his usual derpy self.

My scrappy sock blanket! Which has been given it’s own page, here. I just love knitting these teeny simple squares, there’s almost no thought involved and they work up quickly. I’d probably make them a lot quicker if I wasn’t drooling over Charlie Epps Erm, I mean watching Numb3rs while knitting them….

Oh, there was a little bit of ‘excitement’ since my last post. My Yahoo account was hacked, sending junk to EVERYONE I’ve EVER sent mail to. Yeah, I was really looking forward to emailing my ex spam mail. So, that joy has resulted in me spending about 3 hours this morning changing all my things over to a new provider. Oh how¬†brilliant! ¬¨_¬¨

Right, lunch time! ūüôā


Poorly days

Well, The Child got up this morning, looking utterly drained and refusing breakfast, the poor love. Anyone who knows me (Or reads this blog!) will know that this is not normal behaviour for my whirlwind of terror! So I was a naughty mummy and let her stay off school. We’ve had a lazy day, her playing Moshi Monsters and me catching up slowly with some sock knitting (I say slowly because I have three holes in my finger from my knitting needles ¬¨_¬¨ )

Remember the beef and broccoli I mentioned in the last blog post? Well The Child only went and ate TWO WHOLE¬†PORTIONS!!! I know!! I didn’t think she’d touch any of it!
So tonight we’re trying Cauliflower pizzas, from this blog here which I found via Pintrest. Gotta love Pintrest! The bases are in the oven at the moment and they smell rather nice! Let’s see if the pass The Child Test!!!

Also, I only went and won the give away I shared at the end of my blog post!!!!!! This lovely bunch of stuff turned up a couple of days ago from the lovely Natasha over at Woodland Faeries


The Child played with the Tic-Tac-Toe board for at least an hour, and demanded she has the pink ribbon on some socks. Not sure what I’ll make with the yarn! 300g of hand dyed DK wool. Yum!

Speaking of socks, I gave in and bought some yarn for The Child. Apparently, even my Knitting Goddess yarn (which feels lovely and soft to me!) is itchy. I’ve been searching for something that would be strong enough to make socks from, but soft enough to pass the Itch Test.
I ended up getting some Drops Baby Alpaca Silk from my LYS. It’s 70% Alpaca and 30% Silk in a Fingering/Sock weight. The Silk content SHOULD make it wearable as socks. If this is so, I’ll be stocking up on a few extra colours because it’s like angel’s breath! It’s so soft!!

Oh and before I go a quick progress shot of my Opal “Say it with flowers” socks, with waste yarn for afterthought heels. Almost to the ribbing now. Woohoo!


Right, must dash before I burn tea!

Ta’ta for now!

Back to school, hurrah!

Well the Child was back to school yesterday. I love my little monster, I really really do. But it’s SO NICE to have some peace and to be able to work and craft IN THE DAYLIGHT! The Mantype was up for the weekend, and we actually got to go to knitting group (He kept The Child occupied while I knit, woot!) which kinda made up for missing out on two days of spinning which normally happens on Wednesdays when she’s in school.

I’m feeling very productive today. I’ve done two loads of washing, done the dishes (Minus some pots which are soaking), and put tea in the slow cooker. Not sure that The Child will actually eat any of it mind. Beef and Broccoli chinese style, from this¬†lovely blog which I found via Pintrest. I made it last time the Mantype was up and it was delish, so we’ll see if she’ll touch it!

Oh, remember I mentioned my wee Godson arrived? I got to meet him ūüėÄ

My ovaries ache just looking at the photo. He is just gorgeous ‚̧ ‚̧ Once he’s into cloth nappies, I’m doing him some longies ūüėÄ Hopefully they can be Shorties if the weather hurries up and gets nicer!

Craft wise, I haven’t done much really! Working on some customers items, knit a little bit more of my socks. I did start a scrappy Hexagon blanket, from the lovely Lucy Attic24. It was going to be a sloooooow, in between other projects when I wanted something different to do for half an hour, type thing. But the Hex’s are actually really addictive and I have to force myself to stop doing them and get on with some work *Blushface*


I did start it by doing all of the Hex’s surrounded by black. But after I made three, I wasn’t happy with it and was worried about the actualy hex shape being lost in alll the black. So I ripped it out and did colours, and I must prefer it! In stead of just liking it, I now love it ūüėÄ It’s made with all of my scraps of DK acrylic, and the little free balls I get on my Let’s Knit magazine ūüėÄ

Right, time I enjoy a coffee and a white choc Kitkat and get on with some work!

Happy Easter!

Well, the last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind! I was going to update last night, while The Child was at Nana’s house, but Sky decided to break some stuff on Friday afternoon and I was without internet or phoneline until 9am this morning (About 40 hours without internet *shudders* Please don’t make me go through that again, Sky!!!!)

The Child is off school for Easter, so things have been madness anyway with that alone. Add to that, Easter eggs and chocolate (Combined with a ASD/ADD child, not good).
Then my baby Godson arrived! He arrived via the sunroof and both him and mummy were a bit poorly. Glad to say they’re both home now safe and sound (He’s of course, enjoying the blanket that his Crumpled Auntie made him ūüėČ ).
I also had a wedding to go to! One of my friends, got married on Friday evening. And as I said to her, the plus side of a child with ADD is that she’s like a¬†Duracell¬†bunny and just keeps going and going. It was midnight when we crawled into bed. Dirty stop outs, the pair of us!
It was, however, rather adorable to wake at 9am (Rather than any time from 4am onwards!!) to find this sleeping next to me…



I did managed to finish another bit of spinning between my last blog post and the start of the school holidays!


It’s pale pink and cream, plied with magenta merino. It’s just scrummy. The Child grabbed it the second I showed her it and demanded a scarf from it. There is only about 40m, so will have to have a look about for some ideas.

I’ve also gotten a little bit further with my socks, and you can see how they’re going to pool.


(Ignore the slightly washed out colours, as the photo was taken with my camera phone. And also Time Team on the TV… Can you tell we had a lazy day yesterday?)
I did give in with the ‘two at once on magic loop’ thing and put them on to a set of DPNs each. I feel like I knit much faster on the DPNs than I do magic looping. So I think I’ll start them off toe up on magic loop, and then transfer back to DPNs to work the length.

So I think that’s everything up to date! I’ve spent my child-free day having a lovely lie in (Until 9:30am!!! NINE THIRTY!!) and then got some dishes done, some clothes washed and out on the line (nothing smells better than line-dried clothes!), done some batch cooking of chilli con carne and chicken curry, and now I’m off to do a bit of work knitting, while eating Munchies, drinking coffee (That is still warm!!) and watching Powerpuff Girls on Netflix while I wait for my little ball of energy and destruction to return home!

Oh, and why not check out my friends blog, she’s hosting a little giveaway over there ūüėÄ

Deary me!

Over a month since my last post. How terrible! I was meant to update once a week. Doh. Life in the Crumpled House has been a bit busy over the last few weeks! ¬†The Mantype was up last week, so I’ve been trying to catch up with housework and work-work which didn’t get done while he was visiting!

Since my last post, I’ve finished another two pair of socks! Yippee! Here they are… *drum roll*


The freaky fabulous, horribly fantastic scrap socks I made for my friend. I posted a progress shot of the first sock in my last post, and this is the end result, on the feet of my friend. I now have almost 200g of sock scraps to make myself a few pairs of these. My ASD tick won’t allow for them to be non-matching though, so I’m going to buy some plain black sock yarn to do the toes, heels and cuffs in and then just knit single, scrappy, stripy socks forever and ever (between making more pairs that is! Gotta keep the scrap pile topped up ūüėČ ), so that I have matching, but non-matching scrappy socks! You’ll see what I mean once I get around to starting them! My sock yarn pile keeps growing faster than I can knit pairs *blush* Anyway…

481343_10151607026826802_1740376247_n 577230_10151596572351802_1622089499_n

These ones were for me this time. They are toe up, with an after thought heel. Haven’t they striped fantastically?! That’s all one yarn! One of the Regia yarns. Love! Now I’m working on another pair. This time I’d doing them toe up, TWO AT A TIME! Not as scary as I thought, but they feel like they’re going slower than one at a time. No photo of the socks yet, there’s only an inch past the toe at the moment so not much to see! But this is the yarn I’m doing them in. One of the Opal “Say it with flowers” yarns. Scrummy. Looks totally different to how it looked skiened up! (In a nice way!)

893765_10151607026911802_2063891551_o_medium2 SDC12444_medium2

As well as knitting socks, I’m been learning a new skill. Spinning! No, no, not the horrible bike in a gym kind. The woolly kind! ūüėÄ I bought a drop spindle and 300g of fluff at Woolfest 2012, and never really did much with it. But I picked them back up a couple of weeks ago and I have this bit of gorgeousness to show for it!

7679b69b-0bd5-49f8-b939-5422ae07c077_zps2f075733 ea62def6-0103-48a0-946b-3535d9debbcd_zps90af771e

100% merino wool, from Wingham Wool, plied up with some thread with teeny sequins! So pretty!!! I’ve 42g here, and about another 50g of fluff left to spin up (Can only spin so much before my drop spindle fills up!) so should hopefully get at least this amount again. I also made my first drumcarded batt the other day. But the lighting was rubbish when I took a photo so you’ll have to wait to see that ūüėČ

Anyways, coffee is finished now so must get off my bottom and go and put the clean dishes away and make some lunch! I promise I won’t leave it so long next time! ‚̧

That’s that done with then!

The first month of the year has been and gone. Did anyone manage to not break their resolutions so far? Mine this year were to loose weight, to keep this blog up to date, and to sort my house out because it has become a right tip!
I have lost half a stone in just under a month, I’ve managed to keep up posting for a month (except the post before my birthday, which sat in my drafts because I’m a numpty, doh!) and…. Yeah, the house is a tip still…. Rome wasn’t built in a day though! It didn’t get messy and cluttered in one month and it’ll take more than one to train myself into a cleaning routine and to sort out The Mountains Of Crap.

I have managed to procrastinate today though! The Child has gone to her Nana’s for the evening (after waking Mummy up 6 times in the night. Therefore Mummy is planning on doing NOTHING today!). Instead of doing the housework, which I should be doing, oops. I have updated my Ravelry stash page a little bit. Some yarns were missing photos (some still are, ack) and some hadn’t been added at all! Weighed some of my left overs and things that needed amounts adding also. Feels a little better now! Also done a little bit more on my sock.
Would you like to see some photos? Here you go then ūüôā



Well it would seem that I forgot to publish my last post, so it was sat in my drafts! Ooops.

Last week was my birthday, my¬†fabulous¬†Mantype has been here since last Monday and it’s been fantastic ^_^ Best. Birthday. Evar. I spent it with some of my closest nerdy friends and my Mantype, with take out, cake, cider and tabletop roleplay. It was just great!

In other news, I’ve been busy working away on my socks, and on a blanket for my godson who’s due in March. I’m knitting both socks at once, on two sets of DPNs. The first sock is ready for the toe section now, and the second is about half way along the foot. So not much more work to be done! And then I’ll have some more socks to cast on for myself. I’ve become rather addicted to hand-knit socks, that’s for sure.


Now that I’ve actually got the yarn knit up, I’m not such a huge fan of the colours. But I’m going to finish them anyway. They remind me of Monet paintings.


And this is the start of my blanket for my godson. I can’t wait to meet him ^_^ I’m just using this one 100g ball of some acrylic DK that I picked up in our local market and going round and round till it runs out, then edging in some white I have in my stash. I hope he loves it and is all snuggled up in it constantly!

But, I must dash. The guys are due over in half an hour for for nerdy tabletop!

Gluten free and Daily Routines

Hello! We are back from our long weekend away. We went to stay with the bestie mentioned in the last post for 4 days to celebrate our joint birthday with some joint friends! Said bestie is following a wheat/gluten/grain free diet. And so for the long weekend, so did me and The Child. Not only did I not have any of my¬†usual¬†IBS symptoms for the whole weekend (Apart from when I ate a slice of cake that wasn’t wheat/gluten free!!!) but The Child’s mood was greatly improved. We had a¬†definite¬†drop in the attitude and mood swings I usually get from her! (Why do 5 year olds have the attitudes of teenagers?!) This was again demonstrated when we got home. I nipped into the supermarket and grabbed a pizza from the chilled section for a quick slummy meal that evening.

Big. Mistake.

Not only did I spend the entire evening (and night and some of this morning) in total agony with my stomach cramping like I was in labour again, The Child woke at 5am and screamed, moaned and grumped at me for almost 3 hours solid. So today I dropped The Child off at school and went into town and I bought lots of veg, gluten free pasta and meats and some little plastic pots and tinned fruit for lunch boxes (The Child won’t eat anything with skins ¬¨_¬¨ ) and tomorrow instead of her usual wrap and whatever looks healthy from the fridge that has a chance of her eating it in her lunch box, she will be taking a boiled egg, some grilled sausage meat possibly shaped somehow into something (No idea what!), some cheese and some tinned fruit in some little snack pots with yogurt for dipping it in if she should wish to. No bread, wraps or crisps in sight!

I am determined that we will do this. Not only does it¬†improve¬†my health (I lost almost a stone in just over 3 weeks when I dropped my carb intake last year) but if it improves The Child’s mood and behaviour then it’s a win-win really! Going to be one heck of an adjustment for us both though, considering we both live on carbs most of the time.

Something else I’ve been meaning to do for ages is get us into a good daily routine. I am not a morning person. At all. The opposite in fact. I am a total night owl. Mornings are not my thing. I need at least 2 cups of coffee to make my eyes open some days. And The Child seems to be kind of the same (Which has always amused me as her name¬†literally¬†means “Morning”!!). Sure, she wakes up any time between 5 and 7 am everyday, but getting her going is like starting an old car. She is¬†definitely¬†her mother’s daughter. We¬†usually¬†end up rushing around 5 minutes before we’re due to leave for school, me yelling, her grumping, both of us flapping.

Bedtime isn’t good either. Nightly fight to brush her teeth, wash her face, get her PJs on, get into bed. Have been looking at “visual routines” for ages, but never seen any that would work well for us, and the ones we’ve tried have fallen by the wayside after a couple of days. But I’ve found one (I forgot to bookmark so will have to hunt it back out again!) that looks like it could work. So going to get it made up over the next couple of days and give it a go! Can but hope!

So next time I post I should have some pretty pictures to show you. Of knitting and of a routine chart thingy! Yey!

Goodbye 2012, Hello new blog home!

Well, 2012 ended up being quite a rotten year for our house. Along with the usual little niggles and bad news that can befall any family, we’ve had a few biggies too.

  • We’ve been pushed from pillar to post re: The Child’s ASD¬†assessment¬†and diagnosis, told yes, no and maybe more times than I’ve had warm meals! But still not much further forward in any of it (Another phone call meeting is happening after New Year, about some support at home and school, so that’s something!)
  • My partner moved in with us. And then moved back out when we broke up in what was a rather unpleasant¬†break up (I’m not going into details for obvious reasons.)
  • I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (or PCOS). And while this doesn’t mean that I am infertile, it does mean that there’s only a slim chance of conceiving should I try in the future. For someone who has always wanted at least 2 or 3 children, that’s hard news to hear. There are things I can do to increase the chances, but still hard work.

On top of all of that, probably not surprisingly, my depression came back with¬†vengeance, and brought her friend ‘panic attack’ to join us too. I holed myself away, ignoring even my closest of friends. Housework was done to a minimum. Bills unpaid. And roughly 6 months later I’m only just starting to kick myself up the backside, pull my head out of the sand and sort myself (and my life, home and¬†business) out. I mostly have a plan in place for the unpaid bills. Housework is slowly getting sorted out slowly after a few months of neglect. A better diet is planned to sort my body out. And one of my bestest friends introduced me to one of her old school friends, with the intention of us pulling each other out of the horrible funks we’d gotten ourselves into.¬†Well, we’re now an item. A long distance item, but an item non-the-less ‚̧

And so, ¬†that is my long winded¬†explanation¬†of why I have decided to leave my blog over on Blogspot/Blogger (Which can be found here in case anybody is interested), and make home for it here to see in the new year. Because 2012 was a horrible year for me, and I can’t wait for a fresh start to what will hopefully be a much better 2013!

One of my New Years resolutions this year is to keep this blog up to date. I hope to post at least once a week. Let’s see how long I can keep it up! ^_^

Happy New Year everyone! See you all in 2013!