Gluten free and Daily Routines

Hello! We are back from our long weekend away. We went to stay with the bestie mentioned in the last post for 4 days to celebrate our joint birthday with some joint friends! Said bestie is following a wheat/gluten/grain free diet. And so for the long weekend, so did me and The Child. Not only did I not have any of my usual IBS symptoms for the whole weekend (Apart from when I ate a slice of cake that wasn’t wheat/gluten free!!!) but The Child’s mood was greatly improved. We had a definite drop in the attitude and mood swings I usually get from her! (Why do 5 year olds have the attitudes of teenagers?!) This was again demonstrated when we got home. I nipped into the supermarket and grabbed a pizza from the chilled section for a quick slummy meal that evening.

Big. Mistake.

Not only did I spend the entire evening (and night and some of this morning) in total agony with my stomach cramping like I was in labour again, The Child woke at 5am and screamed, moaned and grumped at me for almost 3 hours solid. So today I dropped The Child off at school and went into town and I bought lots of veg, gluten free pasta and meats and some little plastic pots and tinned fruit for lunch boxes (The Child won’t eat anything with skins ¬_¬ ) and tomorrow instead of her usual wrap and whatever looks healthy from the fridge that has a chance of her eating it in her lunch box, she will be taking a boiled egg, some grilled sausage meat possibly shaped somehow into something (No idea what!), some cheese and some tinned fruit in some little snack pots with yogurt for dipping it in if she should wish to. No bread, wraps or crisps in sight!

I am determined that we will do this. Not only does it improve my health (I lost almost a stone in just over 3 weeks when I dropped my carb intake last year) but if it improves The Child’s mood and behaviour then it’s a win-win really! Going to be one heck of an adjustment for us both though, considering we both live on carbs most of the time.

Something else I’ve been meaning to do for ages is get us into a good daily routine. I am not a morning person. At all. The opposite in fact. I am a total night owl. Mornings are not my thing. I need at least 2 cups of coffee to make my eyes open some days. And The Child seems to be kind of the same (Which has always amused me as her name literally means “Morning”!!). Sure, she wakes up any time between 5 and 7 am everyday, but getting her going is like starting an old car. She is definitely her mother’s daughter. We usually end up rushing around 5 minutes before we’re due to leave for school, me yelling, her grumping, both of us flapping.

Bedtime isn’t good either. Nightly fight to brush her teeth, wash her face, get her PJs on, get into bed. Have been looking at “visual routines” for ages, but never seen any that would work well for us, and the ones we’ve tried have fallen by the wayside after a couple of days. But I’ve found one (I forgot to bookmark so will have to hunt it back out again!) that looks like it could work. So going to get it made up over the next couple of days and give it a go! Can but hope!

So next time I post I should have some pretty pictures to show you. Of knitting and of a routine chart thingy! Yey!