The calm before the storm!

This is it. The eve of our first ‘official unofficial Home Schooling’ day. I say official unofficial, because she’s still registered at school over the holidays while we trial run Home Education. I have a rough idea of how we’ll lay out our routine, but I’m going to go with the flow and see how The Child wants to do things.

I’ve printed out our first worksheets. I found a lovely blog called via Pintrest. I’ve got a lot of her printables pinned for future use (We need colour ink, black and white printables aren’t as fun 😀 ) Her and another blog called Royal Baloo are doing something called “Jump In To Summer Learning“, which is 5 weeks of worksheets and printables for tots, pre-k, kindergarden and First Grade. After a bit of research I discovered The Child is currently at Kindergarden level, which is Reception for us Brits. So I went with that level, but I printed some of the First Grade (Year One) sheets too that I thought would be challenging, but not so hard that she has a meltdown. Fine line, people, fine line!

The first theme for the sheets is ‘Space’. So we have four, black and white but very lovely, worksheets printed out. They include a bit of maths and english/writing skills.

I’ve also been looking at some “Morning Binders” or “Calender Binders” which are kinda what they sound like they are! A little bunch of sheets which are about the date, time, weather which include a few maths and english skills along the way. Tally charts for marking the days spend ‘in school’, a section for recording the temperature (Need to invest in a thermometer, but my phone tells me the average for now.), a clock face, bits to record the weather for the month. I’ve ended up using the pages from, which you can find here. She has a little video giving you a tour through one of her kids Calender Notebook. It seems like a really lovely way to start the morning of learning, a few simple skills to warm the brain up! At the moment my pages are, yup, black and white. But once I refil the printer I’ll be printing it out in colour and laminating the sheets. (I’ll also be changing the $ for a £ on one of her pages too 😉 )

I’m hoping our routine will be; breakfast, morning folder, worksheets, and then we’ll go with The Child’s flow. There’s various Lapbooks I have lined up, and she has at the moment a trial to and both of which she adores. I also have different arts and crafts ideas lined up, and ideas for some ‘field trips’. Although those will be at a minimum at the moment, as it’s the school holidays they’ll all be really busy, and we don’t do loud, busy places.

I’ve printed myself out some sheets to start my “Home School Planner”, as inspired by this post over at I’m not sure about the level of planning I’ll need, but if anything I have a rough idea for our days, and can use them to record what we do, rather than plan it. I’ve included a page for extra-curricular activities, field trips, a book log, and also printed out July and August from my Google Calender for note making!

I’m both nervous and incredibly excited. Phew! Now it’s time to tidy up and get the table ready for home schooling!!

Wish us luck!!!


Big changes…

My last post feels a life time ago. I Have been neglecting this poor blog! Since my last post, we’ve had to make some big decisions.

Last Sunday night, my little one had a bit of a poorly stomach. School rules state they have to be off for 48 hours, so she was off until Tuesday. The heat up here is horrid/glorious at the moment and trying to sleep is a nightmare, so the little one hasn’t been sleeping as well as usual (‘Usual’ being sleeping after 8-11pm and waking any time from 4am onwards…. so yeah, sleeping worse is fun! *sarcasm*), Wednesday morning she woke with a really bad sounding cough and I didn’t feel too chirpy myself, so she stayed off Wednesday. Wednesday night she didn’t sleep until 3am (apart from a ‘nap’ 8-10pm) and then woke up at 8am (I lie in my our standards but still only about 5 hours sleep) so I let her stay off Thursday and then Friday she still had the horrid cough and hadn’t caught up on sleep.

Over the weekend/week of having her at home, I realised something. Without school stressing her out, she was actually a joy to be around. I’m not saying I HATE spending time with my daughter, not at all! But with her issues, she’s hard work. VERY hard work. And I do it all on my own.
With the issues we’re having with school, I had started thinking about Home Schooling already. But I wasn’t sure I could manage. But having her at home for 10 days has been like I have a different child! I’ve been looking at lots of home schooling sites and pintrest for ideas to do over the summer holidays when we’ll give home educating, or HE, a trial period. If things go ok over the summer, then I think we might take the plunge and go for it!

On Friday, I printed out some worksheets. 4 dinosaur related ones covering maths and writing skills. She finished them within half an hour of waking!!! I printed another 4 dinosaur ones. Those were finished before I knew it. She asked for some “insect sheets” so I printed out 17 pages of insect related science sheets. She did all but one of those, almost totally on her own. 😮
Then we made a teepee in the backgarden!

(Photos coming soon, WordPress is being a bit funny! :-/ )

So, yeah! Not entirely sure how I’m going to juggle being a mum, teacher, business owner, cleaner, cook and still find time for myself! But if it means The Child is more relaxed, then it’ll be worth it 😀
(When I’m back here moaning in a few months, please remind me of the above sentence! LOL)

I have some photos of some spinning to upload too, but WP really doesn’t like me trying to upload at the moment! Will try again later 😉